Sunday, February 21, 2010


After a long weekend, we were really looking for a charcuterie to rejuvenate us. 8TH STREET WINECELLAR is a cozy spot to drink good wine and talk or not talk for hours. They get their meat from Salumeria Bielliese and cheese from Stinky Bklyn, so quality was not an issue.

The charcuterie plate was basic: fair portions of mortadella, serrano ham, and salami, plus roasted kielbasa and Italian sausage with a mild mustard, which were a nice addition. The biggest issue: side items were lacking. The cornichons (aka baby pickles, thanks for the Scrabble word though) and caperberries both tasted about as good as they sound. Excessive amounts of parsley garnish added color but brought nothing to the table.

After a brief negotiation with the waitress, opting out of ordering an entire separate cheese plate, we got a small hunk of Lamb Chopper added to the dish. It went well with the meat selection, and also worked as a solo act with a piece of bread.

We would go back to the 8th Street Winecellar for the relaxed atmosphere and good wine, but the charcuterie isn't the main draw.

Bottom line: While the quality was there, tender love and care was missing from the concept of the dish. The combined price of $18 was fair for what it was - top quality, but generic. There are a lot of meat and cheese plates in New York City, and this needed something extra to separate the men from the boys.

Word of motivational charcuterie advice: Dig Deeper.

Til next week,

A & J

8th Street Winecellar
28 W 8th St
btwn 5th Ave & MacDougal St.
(212) 260-9463
New York, NY 

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